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5 ways to make sure we “Say It” properly this year to the nations Mums!

Some ideas for salons to offer for Mother's day - to get the hinting started - and some pampering gifts

All over the country advertising campaigns are beginning to seep into the sub conscience of the nation’s Dads causing the slow but progressive panic that will culminate in packing of the kids into a car for a last-minute dash to the local garage for a card and bunch of flowers.  At the same time the small and local businesses that sell what our Mums really want and need, are closed. We need to help get some pampering in for MUMS!

(1)- Gift Vouchers – Gift vouchers are easily added to your shop (we can help if necessary) and come in any domination. These can be exchanged for treatments or for products. Quick and simple to use and totally electronic with a e-card arriving on the big day.

Set up a (2)-Mother’s Day Category on your e-shop ( it need only be temporary) and then set up a set of bespoke mother’s day products. For example -  (3)- Product Gift Sets – Fabulous brands like Juliette Armand, IsClinical and more have a stunning range of gift sets priced for all pockets that you can add. Why not make up your own set?

(4) - Customer Gift Sets, buy some fancy packaging or  “boxes” and some tissue paper for inside and create a fantastic selection of complementary products priced for all pockets.  

Team up and create a (5) – local partnership with a local artisan or business that has some complimentary offerings that can be sold as a “combo”. Great examples of this would be candles, soaps, chocolates, flowers and restaurant vouchers.   Make it all more enticing with free or low-price delivery.  

You need to market these nice gift ideas to your Mums via your social media channels, safe in the knowledge that once they have reviewed what you have on offer in your e-shop (and dropped hints!), Dads all over the country will have an inspirational idea for a new and original Mother’s Day Gift!
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