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7 Branding Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have 

Here are some useful branding apps every entrepreneur should have. 


Creating eye-catching content has never been easier than it is today. Gone are the days when an entrepreneur must either be skilled in graphic design or hire a professional. The possibilities are endless with the help of sophisticated design tools. What’s more, there are plenty of platforms which offer basic plans for free. Everything from logo design to social media content creation can be done elegantly with the right software. Here are the most useful branding apps every entrepreneur should have. 


1)    Logo Creator- Free


In your very first steps of creating your brand, you’ll most likely be looking to design a logo. Once you’ve decided on your logo’s icon, use LogoCreator to put it all together. Here, you can upload your icon, choose the color, and use the design tools to pick frames or shapes. It’s a quick and easy way to get a fresh logo you can incorporate through the rest of your brand content. 


2)    Adobe Spark- Free starter plan/ premium is $9.99/mo. 


Use the Adobe Spark app to create stunning content for promoting your brand. Upload and modify your content with different fonts and styles using Spark’s free starter plan. Create jaw-dropping graphics, engaging social posts, and animated stories with this helpful app. 


3)    Unsplash- Free


Going through the red tape of copyright law can be time consuming and expensive. But not with Unsplash. This app is an excellent resource that makes obtaining professional-grade photos easy.  Unsplash boasts billions of images from over 200 thousand photographers. Surely, you’ll find the right image for your content. But out of courtesy, it’s encouraged that you give credit to the photographer when you use an image. Remember, they’re trying to promote their business, just like you!  

4)    Snapseed- Free


Including your own photos in your content can give it a personal touch and build authority in your industry. You should also have a go-to photo editor to really make those images pop! For editing and enhancing your images, Snapseed is a free and convenient tool. Design professional-looking, customized images for your social content with the help of this app. You’ll see quickly that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to create impressive images. You just need to keep a few photo editing tricks up your sleeve. 


5)    Vimeo- Free up to 500MB storage/mo.


Have you noticed the uprise of video content lately? It’s safe to say this trend is here to stay. And it’s easy to see why today’s audience is loving video content. It’s easily digestible, entertaining, and brings personality to a brand. Going further, live-stream videos are great for sharing exciting, fresh information with your audience. Vimeo can help you produce both recorded and live stream videos for your social posts. It also offers customization features unmatched by any other Video editing software. 

6)    Hootsuite- Free up to 3 accounts/ $1.99 for unlimited 


Keeping up with multiple social media accounts can get a little overwhelming and time consuming. Luckily, there’s also an app for that. With Hootsuite, you can manage all of your business’s social media accounts in one place. Plan, create, share, and schedule posts easily with this tool. Prioritizing content organization will do wonders for building your brand and establishing authority in your industry.


7)    Mention- Free trial then $29/mo.


Do you want to know who’s talking about your brand and what they’re saying? Having this insight can be constructive for your business in building strong customer relationships. Mention tracks and traces the online conversation about your business. It shows you raw, unfiltered feedback from people talking about your brand and products. Skip the guessing game and learn exactly what works and what doesn’t work for your business.  

Guest Blog By Presley Sims
Bray, Co Wicklow
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