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Apply for the Trading Online Voucher for your Salon before it’s too late

Apply for the Trading Online Voucher for your Salon before it’s too late

Are you going to get on the bus or will you miss the boat?

Getting a high-quality website & online shop for your Salon need not be expensive especially when the Irish Government will pick up 50% of the cost via the Trading Online Voucher scheme.

How long will your Local Enterprise Office continue to pay half the costs for your new website or online shop? There can only be a few reasons why you have not yet applied for this incredible opportunity:-


* You haven’t heard about the Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

* You don’t have the time to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

* You think it will still be too expensive, even when the Government pays half

* You already have a website, online shop, mobile app, booking system and are covered.


If you are the latter then stop reading, otherwise you really have to take the steps to secure the FREE investment the Government is prepared to put into YOUR business.


You haven’t heard about the Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

Simply put, the government wants to encourage small businesses(less than 10 employees with a turnover of less than €2m) to develop their business online and promote some export trade. With this objective they are prepared to pay 50% of the investment needed, to a maximum of €2500, for you to develop or enhance a website, online shop, Salon booking system etc. or mobile app.

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You don’t have the time to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Few would disagree that a high quality website to promote your brand and business, enable your clients to book treatments or shop for products online is absolutely essential for a credible salon today and an investment you can’t afford to not make if you want to be taken seriously. To apply for the Online Trading Voucher you need to attend a ½ day information seminar and complete your application. Time commitment 1 day. Given that an online shop alone can increase turnover by 30% (or €40k for the average small Salon) check out this article by Stephanie Michell or an online booking system can save up to 70% of you and your staff times (that’s the equivalent to 1 additional pair of hands for a Salon employing 5 people) check out our e-book  1 day seems a pretty reasonable time investment to get up to €2500 back from the local authority and gain these types of benefits.

You think it will still be too expensive, Even when the government pays half

Your initial application doesn’t have to be the end game.Firstly it can be the start of your online strategy which you can build upon.Secondly, you can continue with this strategy with a second grant when finances allow. For example, you could start with a website with some online shopping and then later invest again to expand your online shop or invest in a mobile app or booking system. Many people have made the mistake of approaching a web-developer without a proper brief and paying top dollar for a solution that maybe did not work out so well or that can be obtained more cheaply.


A specialist provider in the beauty Industry can provide a website and online shop for a little as €1,300 (you pay €650 with a grant). You can save cost and a lot of your time because they will have the images and skincare product descriptions to hand and ready to go and will have the knowledge about treatments etc. BUT an independent web designer will require you to provide these and will need a great deal of hand-holding throughout the process ,costing more in terms of both money and effort. In addition, if you are not familiar with how websites work, it is easy to make mistakes that could be avoided by using an agency that specializes in websites for beauty businesses.They will know what you need and will know how to provide it more quickly and with less risk.


In summary - the benefits are huge and the investment is minimal- not to apply.


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