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Create an online Valentines Product Gift Card for your e-shop

Gift vouchers redeemable against your online store products and services - a smart alternative to vouchers redeemable on-site at your salon or shop during COVID restrictions.

A fantastic and easy way to boost sales and provide a lovely solution for your customers this Valentine’s Day is to add a Gift Card to your store. These can be added in minutes with unlimited pre-set card values. This online gift card is redeemable against the products and services in your ONLINE shop so is a smart alternative to vouchers redeemable on-site at your salon or shop during COVID restrictions.


Set the card to appear as a ‘default product’ so it’s the first thing your customers see when they open your store and add your own custom picture … say of your Salon or use an image of your choice!


Here’s how


Select category for the options list on the left hand side of your dashboard and select Gift Card from the drop down menu.  (Note - Gift Cards for your e-shop are only available to those of you with the ‘silver / business’ plan and above so contact if you want to upgrade for this option.) Once selected, you will be given a set of pre-set value options €50, €100 &€150. You can use these, change the values or add more.  Next upload an eye catching picture or better still a nice image of your Salon. Further down the page select the option Feature on the store’s front page” . Then add a “Ribbon” in the “Add or edit ribbon section”. We suggest the word “Valentines” and then hit save. You are good to go.

After purchase, your customer gets an email with a unique gift card code and instructions on how to use it. The email subject is “Your gift card is ready”. It’s automatically sent to the customer’s email address as soon as the order gets “Paid” status.

When your customers purchase the card the full value is paid to you immediately.

Then your customer can forward the email or send the gift card link via SMS or messenger. A customer can get a link by clicking the "View Gift Card" button in the email. The page at such a link contains all the needed info: a link to the store where the card can be applied, current gift card balance, and instructions on how to use it.

The card recipient can use the gift card to pay for any products in your store. To redeem it, they should enter the card code from the email to the field at checkout. This field automatically appears in your store after you set up a gift card.

A gift card can be used in multiple orders until it’s fully redeemed. A customer can see the remaining balance if they click the "View Gift Card" button in the email or after they apply a gift card at checkout. If the order total is more than the gift card amount, the customer should pay the remaining amount using other payment methods in your store.


On the Gift cards page in your store admin, you are able to see all the statistics on gift cards that you have sold.


Revenue — The total you have earned by selling gift cards.

Redeemed — The total balance that has been spent.

Unclaimed — The remaining unused balance on cards.


And that’s it! Have fun!
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