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Increase your online orders for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

Drive more online sales for Valentine's day and Mother's day for your salon

Two key dates in the beauty calendar are fast approaching,Valentine’s day and Mother’s day.  This is your chance to drive your customers and more importantly their partners and siblings to your online shops and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their love ..with your products!  


There are a number of ways you can generate the love and drive up your sales using the capabilities of your online shop. We are going to detail 6below:-


1 - Gift Vouchers:- For those of you on the Business plan you can make it easy for everyone and offer Gift Vouchers that are redeemable against products in your store. Here’s how


2 - Offer Bulk Discounts:- you can offer a bulk discount on orders that exceed a defined number of total items as either a % or € value of the final order amount at check out. Or you can add a volume discount to specific products or a specific brand or range of products in a category.


3 - Discount coupons:- offer your customers a percentage (10% off),fixed value (€5 off), free shipping, and a combination (a discount plus free shipping) on products. Coupons are unique codes that customers can enter at checkout and get a discount on their purchase. 


Here’s How “Bulk Discounts & Coupons”


4 - Box Set & Bundles:- Create a new product in your shop and name it“Valentine Box Set” set the tag to appear on your store front page with a banner upload a picture of complimentary products with a price and attractive shipping option.


5 - Free shipping :- you can set you store to offer free shipping on purchases on “everything” or “Specific products” or even for a defined radius e.g 5km.


6 – Have a Sale :- you can discount certain products in you store and show your customer the original purchase price and new price side by side. By adding a Banner you can highlight the item as “ON SALE” and place the item on your front page.

Like this!

Place offer banners on your products to highlight an offer or free shipping or new stuff!

Here’s how “Product Ribbon” 

Here’s how “Compare Sale Price to Normal”


Your store has many capabilities that used with your imagination can provide endless varieties to make the customer experience more exciting deliver more value and drive more sales.
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