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'WIN' event taking ME to the next level, let alone my business

Taking me to the next level, let alone my business At ‘Women’s Inspire Network Conference at the Aviva’ 10th Oct 2018

So, its been a week since the Dublin Women’s Inspire Network  annual event, this time held at the Aviva Stadium.  Samantha Kelly and her team knocked it out of the park again and took us all to the next level. was proud to be one of the  Bronze Sponsors.  

Check out the video photo collage further below - all photos by the amazing Rafal Kostrzewa ( and commissioned by Women's Inspire Network. Those of us in the network were on the weekly Twitter hashtag #asktheexpert Tuesday evening at 10pm and were all still buzzed and chatting away about it.

The Setting

250 entrepreneurs - big and small biz - female (mostly) and and some males too entered the Aviva to be greeted with beautiful pastries, coffee and acoustic music on guitar who, by the way as even Sam says, he is very easy on the eye!

What?  Hugs at an event where you normally feel like ‘a stranger’ at these things?

Imagine hugging and greeting every second person you bumped into ? At a event? Never been to an event like it. Taking online relationships and support with all these great women entrepreneurs (all types and sizes of businesses) to the real world where we could all meet up. So genuine.  It has become a different experience interacting with these great ladies online since the event - sounds cliché - but kinda feels like family :)

Social Reach - off the scale

Our social media reach on the day of #Win18Dublin was huge! Economic value - 72k

Anna Daly our MC

Our MC for the day was the beautiful (inside and out) Anna Daly who seemed to enjoy the event as much as us and was interacting and commenting with all the speakers, sharing her own stories, chatting to lots of the attendees and even doing some selfies with us all.  Such a fab lady and has a new fan crew after this event.

My Highlights : there were loads! Not in any particular order…and apologies in advance for any I left out

Imelda May Interview

Needs no introduction!  Wow what a woman - so down to earth and so open with us about her story and her ups and downs.  Interviewed by the charasmatic Victoria Mary Clarke , Imelda found a fan in each and every one of us.  And the grand finale, when she read her poem ‘GBH” - blew us away and received a standing ovation!

Sophie Spence : how passion, courage and determination are the keys to success

Former Ireland Rugby XV Player and founder of Spence Rugby Academy inspired us with her story about using your mindset for growth, against all odds.  Congrats to Sophie and her partner, newly engaged a few days too!!!  Gorgeous couple.

Jacinta Dempsey- Taking your social media to the next level - tools and content creation.

The Social and one of the WIN Crew - This social media guru gave us instant training we can put into practice  on our own Facebook page about the anatomy of Facebook Ad and how to go about thinking of your target audience and what they like before you target them with real examples.  Check out Jacinta's new website on

Rob Cullen : How I changed my life and it helped my business

Rob ‘kicked it out of the park in ‘Lansdown’ - a childhood dream :) and captivated us with his real life story.  We gave a huge cheer when he announced he is now epilepsy free. Health is your wealth, truly.

Miss Universe’s genuine plea …

Grainne Gallanagh was a true lady and so nice (and stunning!) and very passionate about utilising her current role and profession as a nurse to bring more awareness and resources on women’s health issues.

Mariana Cruz of Mariana’s Cakes : being an immigrant female entrepreneur

Mariana had us all in tears as she opened up about her story as a migrant from South America having to leave her home and family to come to Ireland where she wanted to continue her business.  She had no contacts, did not know where to start.  She embarked on an incredible scheme championed by the fabulous Jane Xavier who works as a Social Enterprise and Community Worker Support at Migrant Rights Centre Ireland.

Stanley Aguize : Growing your business with free SEO

Stanley wowed us with the incredible inlinx tool :

Sarah Tasker Instagram Queen : Taking your Instagram got the next level

So many tips and tricks packed into her presentation - we can all use!  I’m ordering her new book:

Amanda Webb : How to plan and shoot your Facebook Live

Ok, so Amanda grabbed our attention with her mad introduction running up to the stage with a scarers mask screaming.  Well she got it!  So funny. Now she has many of the attendees ‘Pushing That Button’ to make more videos for their business! She is infectious!

Grainne O’Donovan : from Douglas Law Solrs - all female firm ‘Protecting your business’

I’d heard Grainne speak last year and gleaned even more knowledge about protecting my business - everything from having the proper contracts in place to ensure getting paid, that we do not have to offer 30 days credit, that we need to set up the ‘magic folder’ for GDPR.  Invaluable.

Jane Kavanagh : Founder of Feedalpha - the story behind the company

What a story about this amazing new social media management platform thats cutates and plans content. Jane is a force to be reckoned with - so strong. This is a time saving social media platform!

Rhoda McDonagh : The story behind 'Designer Room'

Rhona told us her emotional journey and the empathy in the rool just swelled! She has been so brave and found an amazing niche - check out

Carmel Seery : Fall in love with Finance

Carmel shared her tips and tricks to keep our books in order. Check out her services and courses here:

Deirdre McGlone : How fantastic customer service takes your business to the next level

What a story from Deirdre, owner of family hotel business at Harveys Point Donegal.  They really have a close team and she share some of her management styles and how she values contributions from the staff on the floor.

Dave Kavanagh : Health and Wealth - Financial Wellbeing

Dave gave lots of practical tips to keep us in financial and healthy shape.

Finola Howard : How great marketing works - go from 'strive' to 'thrive'

I missed this as was at another break out session - but have been watching Finola's company thrive online. She is passionate about Helping Entrepreneurs Build, Grow & Scale. You can subscribe to her online courses here:

Until the next one, a treat at Harveys Point!

Can’t wait for the next one.  We’re off to beautiful Donegal to Harveys Point!  Get the ‘WIN’ bus ready for the road trip.

Get your early bird ticket here: only €65 for the day including lunch or €20 off as a WIN member so only €45. I've got Mine!
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