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Another first Paddy – “You’re a Legend!”

Paddy Delaney operates a business from Bettystown called Informed decisions offering financial planning and advice to his clients. Paddy is known to many through his hundreds of blogs, podcast and mainstream media articles where he endeavours to educate the Irish population with the facts of investing, all delivered in his own very unique style. The name of the business offers the biggest clue on his unique approach which can be described specifically as “what you see, is what you get”.


So what do you get?


You get a Financials ServicesUnicorn, that rare and mythical beast that does not accept commissions from the products he sells but instead charges you a fair professional fee.  This enables him to use his vast knowledge and experience of the investment industry to offer unbiased investment recommendations and develop strategies that are right for you. Released from a dependency looking for the next commission fix, Paddy only succeeds if you succeed.  His philosophy and approach is entirely focused on the place his clients are trying to get to so that when they arrive  they can enjoy the fruits of their labour avoiding  the mainstream financial service industry who like to pick your fruit along the way, and eat it for themselves as charges.


So it was no surprise to those that knew him when Paddy announced a new first. The launch of theInformed Decisions phone app designed especially for his existing client base.


“I wanted to make everything accessible and available for clients in one convenient place – their phone! I had my website where anyone could access our award-winning blogs and information about what we do here at Informed Decisions Financial Planning.


Alongside that people could access our podcast from the usual places like iTunes, but my existing clients also had various portals they need to access to track their investments and their pension performance.


I wanted something that would bring all these resources together under the one Informed Decisions brand and better articulate what Informed Decisions stands for. Something that would act as a sort of aggregator or wrapper bringing everything into one place and which could also act as a platform through which I could reach clients, and they could reach me.  


Like most people I assumed that an app would be financially out of reach until I met Lisa Kelly She introduced me to a technology called “Progressive Web Apps” .This is a neat app that can be added to your phone’s home page and which takes up no storage.


The beauty of this technology is it is able to connect my website displaying my blogs, podcasts and company information as separate and ordered sections. In addition, it can also offer secure access to my clients to view their investment platforms. Now it is possible for my clients to monitor and review our investment strategy just by pushing a button on their phone, and our brand is front and centre for them.


I found Lisa’s approach open, expert and insightful, aiming to add value to my business. She promised to deliver, and indeed delivered on that promise. It’s clear to me that if you are looking to extend your brand and bring together your digital footprint into one simple and affordable tool to serve your clients better, this is really worth considering”.


For more information onInformed Decisions and Paddy Delaney go to


Check out their app:
Check out their app:
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